Reduced energy consumption and CO2 footprint

By converting most energy into light rather than heat, LED lamps use up to 90% less electricity than conventional light bulbs. This means big savings on your Hydro bill, no chance of burn injuries and a cleaner, more sustainable world for this and future generations. 

Very long lifetime

LED lamps are famous for their durability. All their components are solid, and provide 40,000-100,000 hours of light. This means no need to replace light bulbs every year, less trips to the home improvement store and less garbage. Since LEDs have no fragile glass or filament they are safe, reliable and require absolutely no maintenance. Unlike fluorescent light bulbs LEDs do not have a blaster. As a result, they turn on instantly, never flicker and can be frequently switched on and off without compromising the longevity of the device. 

Splendor, versatility and peace of mind

LEDs have an attractive futuristic look and can directly retrofit most existing fixtures. They provide the most natural, pleasant light in a variety of colors. Dimmable LEDs are also available.

Recyclable and reusable

Unlike fluorescent and CFL light bulbs, LED lamps do not contain any mercury, lead or other hazardous materials, which makes them safe to handle and easy to recycle. Moreover, they enclose many parts that can be used in the production of new LED lamps in a cradle to cradle manner. See Links for more details